Our Guarantee

Our Guaranty

Ipolex.com promises that the whole process, from raw materials procurement to the completion of manufacturing of all the following listed products, are subject to severe quality control. Referring to the following various conditions and restrictions, if defective products are caused by inferior raw materials or the lack of manufacturing process, Ipolex.com  will provide free maintenance or replacement service.

• The warranty clause does not include any product damage caused by improper installation, accident hazards, natural disasters, abuse, misuse, low power or over-voltage, incorrect operation, poor environmental conditions and any unauthorized disassembly, repair or modification.

• The warranty clause does not apply to such conditions as products with modified, scribbled or removed or damaged or incomplete label, and products with modified internal electronic information, etc.

• The warranty clause does not apply to second-hand products or unauthorized resale.

• The warranty clause is specific to the maintenance or replacement service provided by Ipolex.com for defective or damaged products at the time of purchase. To those data corruption and maintenance or the mal-function of Ipolex.com products caused by the damage of other devices,Ipolex.com holds no responsibilities of compensation or warranty.

• The warranty clause does not include system problems caused by third-party software or related connecting devices.

Warranty Period:

3-Year Warranty
This warranty right only lies in the initial purchaser of Ipolex.com products and is not transferrable.

Free Technical Support

If problems occur during installation or subsequent operation, you can contact Ipolex.com technical support department before going for maintenance.

Technical Support Service Line: 86- 400-666-3336
MSN: sfpcables@gmail.com           Mail: 1sfpcom@gmail.com

Procedures and Necessary Conditions for Warranty Application

To obtain the warranty service, you can send the products need maintaining to Ipolex.com service center. Please contact us for detailed information.
♦. Please confirm the maintenace and replacement procedures before sending the products. You should provide relevant information of the products, such as product model and serial number, make sure that the product label is clear and complete and decribe the probelm in detail. Besides, you should also present documents that can indicate the purchase date, such as invoice or contract, to prove that the product is still within warranty period.

♦. You can send the products that need maintaining directly to Ipolex.com service center after obtaining the maintenance number (RMA No.) . Please make sure that the product is properly packed to avoid any damage during transportation. Please note: if you have not obtained the maintenance number (RMA No.), Ipolex.com has the right to return the the unopened package.

♦. Obtaining Maintenance Number (RMA No.):
Please contact Ipolex.com Customer Service mail: info@sfpcables.com

♦. Your shipping costs returning the products to the Ipolex.com warehouse in China are payable by you, and cannot be compensated by Ipolex.com. The warranty period after maintenance or replacement will be either the remaining warranty period of the original product or 90 days after maintenance, depending on the longer period.

Exemption Clause

The information above is the complete warranty provisions for Ipolex.com products, which is the only effective warranty promise and will replace all written or verbal warranty commitments. Other warranties out of this clause, including decrees in other countries, provinces or locations and any indicative warranty clauses that is nonaggressive, merchantable or suited for some specific purposes, will not be recognized by Ipolex.com.

Ipolex.com has not authorized its products to be used in those critical parts that is related to device life, or other applications in which product failure or mal-function may cause injury or death. If Ipolex.com products are used in military equipments, traffic control equipments, disaster prevention systems or medical equipments, Ipolex.com will not assume any liability for any possible casualties or property loss.

Ipolex.com warranty responsibility only confines to maintenance, replacement and interest-free refund services. Any voilation of the warranty clause or law will be compensated only by maintenance, replacement or interest-free refund. To the maximum extent of law permission, Ipolex.com will not be held the responsibility to its customers or end users for any damage, expenses, loss of data, loss of income, loss of savings, loss of profits and any unavoidable or indirect damage resulted from the purchase, use or incapable function of Ipolex.com's products.

Maintenance Application:

When your profuct from Ipolex.com need maintaining (RMA), please contact Ipolex.com service center for timely maintenance service.
Please Note: Free Maintenance Service: Products with quality problem affecting product use caused by defective design or poor material control and without appearance damage.

Non-maintenance Items:

♦. Products proved by maintenance organisation to be not from Ipolex.com company.
♦. Products with damaged label.
♦. Products with factitious appearance damage.

Online Maintenance EMAIL1sfpcom@gmail.com



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